Forgery In Christianity
A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion
by Joseph Wheless


“The time has come for honest men to denounce false teachers and attack false gods.” ~Luther Burbank

The Disease And The Cure
Faith In A Fatal Decline
The Indictment
Outline Of Case And Proofs
Forgery Defined
Religious Laws Of Outlawry

Pagan Frauds -- Christian Precedents

“What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!” ~ Pope Leo X.

The Dawn-Man And The Shaman
Paganism At The Cross-Roads With Christianity
Apollonius Of Tyana
Simon Magus
Superstitions And Revelations
Christian "Revelation" Defined And Disproved
Mithraism -- And Christian Myth
"Mithraism" -- Pre-Christian Christianity
Buddhism In Christianity
All Devilish Imitations!
The Sibylline Oracles

Hebrew Holy Forgeries

 “Hinneh lash-sheqer asah et sheqer sepharim—Behold, the lying pen of the scribes hath wrought lies.”- Jeremiah, viii. 8.

The Inspired Fable Of Tobit
The Proof Of The Pudding
Ezra "Restores" The Law
The "Finding Of The Law"
The "Septuagint" Translation Into Greek
The Septuagint And The "Virgin-Birth" Fraud
Other Hebrew Sacred Forgeries
The "Inspired" Hebrew Scriptures
Forgery By Contradictions
Our "Phony" Christian Era
Forgery By False Translations
The "God" Forgery
The "Adam" Forgery
The "Soul" Forgery
The "Mosaic Revelation" Forgery
The Ancient Idea Of "History"
Christian "Revelations" In Jewish Forgeries

Christian "Scripture" Forgeries

To such an extent are the origins of the Christian Religion wrapped in obscurity, due to the labyrinthine confusions and contradictions and forgeries of its early records, that it is quite impossible to extricate, with any degree of confidence, a thread of historic truth from the tangle.

"The Age Of Apocryphal Literature"
"The Idea Of Inspiration"
"The Lying Pen Of The Scribes"
"Christian Evidences" -- Forged
Forged Gospels, Acts, Epistles
The Forged "Apostles' Creed"
The Forged Athanasian Creed
Jesus Christ's Forged Letters
Other Forgeries For Christ's Sake
Josephus Forgery Testifies Of Jesus
The Owl-Angel Forgery

The Saintly "Fathers" Of The Faith

“The greater Saint, the greater Liar.” ~ Diegesis.
“The principal historians of the patristic period cannot always be completely trusted.” (CE. vi, 14.)

Patristic "Tradition"
The Twelve "Traditional" Apostles
The Apostles
Apostolic Greed And Strife
The Apostolic Fathers
The Sub-Apostolic Fathers
Jesus Died Of Old Age!
The Pagan "Logos" Christianized
Augustine "Philosophy Of History"
Christian Paganism

The "Gospel" Forgeries

“Whether a Church which stands convicted of having forged its Creed, would have any scruple of forging its Gospels, is a problem that the reader will solve according to the influence of prejudice or probability on his mind.” - Taylor, Diegesis, p. 10.

Still Tinkering At It!
Some Tests For Forgery
The Gospel Titles
The "Canonicity" Of The Four Gospels
The "Mark" Fable Belies "Canonicity"
The Gospels "According To" Greek Priests
The Four Gospels -- "Chosen"
Why Four Gospels?
Inspiration And Plagiarism
Gospels Late Forgeries
"Luke" Discredits Apostolicity
Forgeries In The Forged Gospels
Contradictions And Truth
Jesus -- Man Or God?
"Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church"
The "Church" Founded On The "Rock"
Peter-Rock-Church" Denied Ab Silencio
"Go, Teach All Nations" Forgery
Acts Belies The "Go, Teach All Nations" Forgery
The Forged Gospel Endings
The Baptismal Forgery
A Medley Of Forgeries
The "Woman In Adultery" Forgery
The John XXI Forgery
The "Lord's Prayer" Forgery
The "Unknown God" Forgery
The Forged Epistles, Etc.
The "Epistle Of Peter" Forgeries
The "God Manifest" Forgery
The "Three Heavenly Witnesses" Forgery

The Church Forgery Mill

“Nevertheless, the forging of papal letters was even more frequent in the Middle Ages than in the early Church.” (CE. ix, 203.)

The Forged Apostolic Constitutions
The Forged "Apostolic Canons"
The Forged Liber Pontificalis
The "Conversion Of Constantine" Fraud
Christian Forgeries For Power And Pelf
The "Constantine" Forgeries
Forged Deeds Of Empire
The Forged Letter Of St Peter
A Holy Conspiration
The Pope Sylvester Forgeries
The Forged "Donation Of Constantine"
The "Symmachian Forgeries"
The "False Decretals" Forgeries
The Forged Decretum Of Gratian
The Full Fruition Of Forgery
The Frustrated Ems Revolt
Forged Saints, Martyrs And Miracles
"Specula Stultorum"
Old Pagan Stuff
Forged And Faked Relics
The "Invention Of The Cross," Et Al
Ancient Fakes Yet Accredited
Holy Oils, Waters, And Fetishes
The Agnus Dei
The Tragedy Of The "Mystical Marriage"

The "Triumph" Of Christianity
Priestly Terrorism
God-Ordained Murder For Unbelief
The Gospel Of Fear And Trembling
Unborn Babes To Burn Forever
A Contrast In Tolerance
The Edict Of Milan (313)
Christian Intolerance
Faith Enforced By Laws Of Murder
Laws Of Constantine
Laws Of Constantius And Constans
Laws Of Gratian And Theodosius
Laws Of Theodosius And Valentinian
Laws Of Honorius And Arcadius
Later Laws Against Paganism
Bloody Record Boasted
"The Secular Arm"
Compulsory And Wholesale Conversion
Conversion Skin Deep
The "Fruits" Of Christianity
"The Glory That Was Greece"
The Power That Was Rome
Pagan Cultural Results
The Christian Age Of Faith
The Aim Of Christian Education
The Moral "Fruits" Of Christianity
The Christian "Morality Lie"
The Intellectual "Fruits" Of Christianity
The Christian "Education Lie"
The Monks "Preserved The Classics"
Christian "Science"
The Rebirth Of Civilization
Gulliver Awakes
Benefit Of Clergy
The Criminal Crusades Started The Revolt
The "Infidel" Redeems Christendom
The "Miraculous Attestations" Of Christianity
"The Marks Of The Beast"
Why -- And What Price -- Religion?
"Stop! Thief!"
An Appeal To Reason

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Forgery In Christianity