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The Training of a Monk and the Eight Deadly Sins
by St. John Cassian

Written between 425 and 430 A.D., this is the acknowledged primary authority on monasticism. This systematic treatise details how to live as a monk, grow in virtue and combat vice.

~ Contents ~

On the Training of a Monk

"As we are going to speak of the customs and rules of the monasteries, how can we better begin than with the actual dress of the monks, for we shall then be able to expound, in due course, their interior life once we have set their outward appearance."

  Book 1. The Dress of the Monks
  Book 2. Nocturnal Prayers and Psalms
  Book 3. Daily Prayers and Psalms
  Book 4. Institutes of the Renunciants

The Eight Deadly Sins

"After the four books which have been composed on the customs of the monasteries, we now propose to approach the struggle against the eight principal faults, i.e. first, Gluttony or the pleasures of the palate; secondly, Fornication; thirdly, Covetousness, which means Avarice, or, the love of money, fourthly, Anger; fifthly, Dejection; sixthly, "Accidie," which is heaviness or weariness of heart; seventhly, kenodocila which means foolish or vain glory; and eighthly, pride."

  Book 5. Of the Spirit of Gluttony
  Book 6. Of the Spirit of Fornication
  Book 7. Of the Spirit of Covetousness
  Book 8. Of the Spirit of Anger
  Book 9. Of the Spirit of Dejection
  Book 10. Of the Spirit of Accidie
  Book 11. Of the Spirit of Vainglory
  Book 12. Of the Spirit of Arrogance

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