The Eight Deadly Sins
On the Training of a Monk and the Eight Deadly Sins
by St. John Cassian

The struggle against the eight principal faults, i.e. first, Gluttony or the pleasures of the palate; secondly, Fornication; thirdly, Covetousness, which means Avarice, or, the love of money, fourthly, Anger; fifthly, Dejection; sixthly, "Accidie," which is heaviness or weariness of heart; seventhly, kenodocila which means foolish or vain glory; and eighthly, pride."

   Book  5. Of the Sin of Gluttony
   Book  6. Of the Sin of Fornication
   Book  7. Of the Sin of Covetousness
   Book  8. Of the Sin of Anger
   Book  9. Of the Sin of Dejection
   Book 10. Of the Sin of Accidie
   Book 11. Of the Sin of Vainglory
   Book 12. Of the Sin of Arrogance

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