Jesus the Son of Man
His Words and His Deeds As Told and Recorded by Those Who Knew Him
by Kahlil Gibran 

Jesus the Son of Man is a life of Jesus as told in the words of seventy-seven of his closest contemporaries, both friends and enemies: Syrians, Romans, Greeks and Jews; Persians, Priests, Publicans and Poets.

Index of Chapters 1 Thru 79

Section 1 Chapters 1 Thru 10

(1) James the son of Zebedee: On the Kingdoms of the World 
(2) Anna the mother of Mary: On the Birth of Jesus
(3) Assaph called the Orator of Tyre: On the Speech of Jesus
(4) Mary Magdalen: On Meeting Jesus for the First Time
(5) Philemon a Greek Apothecary: On Jesus the Master Physician
(6) Simon who was called Peter: When He and His Brother were Called
(7) Caiaphas: The High Priest
(8) Joanna the Wife of Herod's Steward : On Children
(9) Rafca : The Bride of Cana
(10) A Persian Philosopher in Damascus: Of Ancient Gods and New

Section 2 Chapters 11 Thru 20

(11) David one of his followers: Jesus the Practical 
(12) Luke: On Hypocrites
(13) Matthew: The Sermon on the Mount 
(14) John the Son of Zebedee: On the Various Apellations of Jesus
(15) A young priest of Capernaum: Of Jesus the Magician 
(16) A rich levi in the neighborhood of the Nazarene: Jesus the Carpenter 
(17) A shepherd in South Lebanon: A Parable
(18) John the Baptist: He Speaks in Prison to His Disciples
(19) Joseph of Arimathea: On the Primal Aims of Jesus
(20) Nathaniel: Jesus Was Not Meek

Section 3 Chapters 21 Thru 30

(21) Saba of Antioch: On Saul of Tarsus 
(22) Salome to a woman friend: A Desire Unfulfilled 
(23) Rachael a woman disciple: On Jesus the Vision and the Man 
(24) Cleopas of Bethroune: On the Law and the Prophets 
(25) Naaman of the Gadarenes: On the Death of Stephen 
(26) Thomas: On the Forefathers of His Doubts 
(27) Elmadam the logician: Jesus the Outcast 
(28) One of the Marys: On His Sadness and His Smile 
(29) Rumanous a Greek poet: Jesus the Poet 
(30) Levi a disciple: On Those who would Confound Jesus

Section 4, Chapters 31 Thru 40

(31) A widow in Galilee: Jesus the Cruel 
(32) Judas the cousin of Jesus: On the Death of John the Baptist 
(33) The man from the desert: On the Money-changers 
(34) Peter: On the Morrow of His Followers 
(35) Melachi of Babylon, an astronomer: The Miracles of Jesus 
(36) A philosopher: On Wonder and Beauty 
(37) Uriah an old man of Nazareth: He Was a Stranger in Our Midst 
(38) Nicodemus the Poet: On Fools and Jugglers 
(39) Joseph of Arimathea: The Two Streams in Jesus' Heart 
(40) Georgus of Beirut: On Strangers 

Section 5, Chapters 41 Thru 50

(41) Mary Magdalen : His Mouth Was Like the Heart of a Pomegranate 
(42) Jotham of Nazareth to a Roman : On Living and Being 
(43) Ephraim of Jericho : The Other Wedding-Feast 
(44) Barca a merchant ot Tyre :  On Buying and Selling 
(45) Phumiah the high Priestess of Sidon : An Invocation 
(46) Benjamin the scribe : Let the Dead Bury Their Dead 
(47) Zacchaeus : On the Fate of Jesus 
(48) Jonathan : Among the Water-lilies 
(49) Hannah of Bethsaida : She Speaks of Her Father's Sister 
(50) Manasseh : On the Speech and Gesture of Jesus

Section 6 Chapters 51 Thru 60

(51) Jephtha of Caesarea : A Man Weary of Jesus 
(52) John the beloved disciple :  On Jesus the Word 
(53) Mannus the Pompeiian, to a Greek : On the Semitic Deity 
(54) Pontius Pilatus : Of Eastern Rites and Cults 
(55) Bartholomew in Ephesus : On Slaves and Outcasts 
(56) Matthew : On Jesus by a Prison Wall 
(57) Andrew : On Prostitutes 
(58) A rich man : On Possessions 
(59) John at Patmos :  Jesus the Gracious 
(60) Peter : On the Neighbor 

Section 7 Chapters 61 Thru 70

(61) A cobbler in Jerusalem : A Neutral 
(62) Suzannah of Nazareth : Of the Youth and Manhood of Jesus 
(63) Joseph surnamed Justus : Jesus the Wayfarer 
(64) Philip : And When He Died All Mankind Died 
(65) Birbarah of Yammouni :  On Jesus the Impatient 
(66) Pilate's wife to a Roman lady 
(67) A man outside of Jerusalem : Of Judas 
(68) Sarkis an old Greek Shepherd, called the madman : Jesus and Pan 
(69) Annas the high priest :  On Jesus the Rabble 
(70) A woman, one of Mary's neighbors : A Lamentation 

Section 8 Chapters 71 Thru 79

(71) Ahaz the portly : The Keeper of the Inn 
(72) Barabbas : The Last Words of Jesus 
(73) Claudius a Roman sentinel : Jesus the Stoic 
(74) James the brother of the Lord : The Last Supper 
(75) Simon the Cyrene : He who Carried the Cross 
(76) Cyborea : The Mother of Judas 
(77) The woman in Byblos : A Lamentation 
(78) Mary Magdalen (Thirty years later) the Resurrection of the Spirit 
(79) A man from Lebanon :  Nineteen Centuries Afterward 

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Jesus the Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran