Essene Daily Communion For Friday 
Sabbath and Fasting begins at sundown.

THE DEEPENING: In the gentle breeze of the forests and in the winds of the fields, thou shalt find the Angel of Air. Breath long and deeply, for the rhythm of thy breath is the key of knowledge which will unlock the secrets of the Holy Law.

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of AIR, I invoke thee; for no man may come before the face of God whom the Angel of Air hath not passed. For thy body must breath the air of the Earthly Mother before thy spirit may breath the Holy Law of the Heavenly Father. And as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: This morning brings a different breeze. The winds of inner change and reflection. These winds blow strong as I unfurl my sails and set a course for yet another journey. May the wind be my guide, and the calmness of the truth lead my way.

As thou movest the air with thy breath, movest thy body with thy soul. Eat of the blessed fruits from the Earthly Mother, and walk in the light of the Holy Law; for he who hath found peace with the body, hath built a holy temple wherein may forever dwell the spirit of God.

EVENING COMMUNION: The HEAVENLY FATHER and I are One; Thou hast made known unto me the deepest of mysteries. By thy fourteen fruits of the Tree of Life thou hast directed my heart, and guided my steps, that I may walk in your presence and dwell eternally in the essence of the divine.

THE BLESSING: What is man, that thou art be so mindful of he? Thou hast made a covenant with the Children of Light, and thou hast given unto all the Holy Law. To some it has been lost, and to some it is forgotten. But to some it is lived, and those whom walk with thy Holy Angels shall dwell forever in the kingdoms of God.

Hear me, Sons of Light, for I will impart to you the gift of tongues, that by speaking to your Earthly Mother in the morning, and to your Heavenly Father in the evening, you may go closer and closer to oneness with the kingdoms of earth and heaven, that oneness for which the Son of Man is destined from the beginning of the times.
~Essene Gospel of Peace


And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

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