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The Communions and the Sub-Conscious Mind
Spiritual Reprogramming the Sub-Conscious Mind

The sub-conscious mind is a registering system of the memories of all one does or has done. It is an observer, registering what has to be registered. Our hidden thoughts, deep convictions, beliefs and prejudices are all tenaciously held by the sub-conscious through the intensity with which they were first implanted.

Our dreams are a process to help organize these thoughts, a process for deciding what to file away in the memory banks, and what to discard. These dreams are a form of inner adjustment for the sub-conscious of what an individual must work on or account for later. Most people don't know what to keep or what to discard. Premonition dreams are given to us by the sub-conscious and the higher self because they want to protect the survival of the vehicle of which they are a part.

In addition to our memories in the sub-conscious mind, there is also all that we have inherited from our ancestors and from our race. Your instincts, impulses, the results of your thinking, education, and contacts with others. It records and holds everything that has ever happened to you.

The sub-conscious never sleeps and never ceases to work. It raises up to the conscious, information you are required to recall. The nearer a man is to the primitive, the more he is governed by his sub-conscious.

Dr. Sigmund Freud stated that every painful experience is safely guarded by the sub-conscious mind. The hidden thoughts, deep convictions, beliefs, prejudices, first impressions, are all tenaciously held by the sub-conscious through the intensity with which they were first implanted.

They may motivate you for good or bad when you permit the sub-conscious to act during some lapse of the conscious mind. To change your past habit patterns, you must re-program your sub-conscious and conscious minds to get rid of negative past programming.

The sense of impending disaster or how to act in an emergency comes from the sub-conscious, which is silent, voiceless, yet nevertheless aware. Past societies learned to trust the intuitive and inner mind. They knew the significance of dreams, the value of prophecy, and the ability called clairvoyance, the sensing of unseen dangers and the promptings of the inner being.

Each community or tribe had its 'holy one' who obtained needed information from the sub-conscious sources. These ancient powers, which couldn't be analyzed or explained then, gave rise to magical rites, the conjuring of spirits, of casting spells, and such.

There were no scientific findings on the subject until mentalists discovered there were two distinct aspects of the mind; that while the objective or conscious mind was stilled through progressive relaxation, the subjective or sub-conscious mind acted freely under mental focusing and questioning.

Through mental effort, concentration, meditation, and contemplation you can get past the conscious mind, and through to the sub-conscious tap of the infinite. You can heal the self through the sub-conscious, correcting unbalanced thinking and attitudes, by establishing in it affirmative statements and strong suggestions on the ideas of health and strength, and allowing them to work involuntarily, sleeping and waking, by the powers of the creative action of thought.

Since a large percent of all disease is psychosomatic and arises from mental stress, frustrations and disharmony, spiritual healing can cope with such cases since both work on the same plane of awareness. Psychic 'surgery' (i.e. healing cancer) and other healing take place on the etheric or astral plane, which interpenetrates the physical.

Emotional intensity is what is essential in programming the sub-conscious most effectively. If one goes back into their memory, one pulls out the circumstances which had the most intensity behind them, whether they be joyful, or fearful, or painful.

Therefore, the more you wish to program in, the more emotional intensity or energy needs to be put with it. The process will lock in to the most emotional past situations, if allowed to seek indiscriminately.

Special combination techniques have been and are used to condition the conscious mind as well as the sub-conscious mind. Religious
leaders and Gurus of various sorts have used for their causes mantrums, (a chant or sound such as Aum), a mudhra (such as a posture) and visual mandalas (or statue).

By giving new focus to the sub-conscious mind, you can build up a more positive consciousness and there by reprogram it.

When performing the Communions, affirm to yourself that you are healthy and free from disharmony in mind and spirit. The universal life and healing forces are then directed to create and maintain a harmonious balance among all systems acting within the body and mind. These daily rituals then become vital memories in both the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

You can reword these affirmations to cover other ideals, goals, or objectives you may wish to accomplish. Specific imbalances, already existing, as well as specific goals and objectives in life may be treated this way also. This is the "thoughts create" rule in action.

Results will be obtained, however, only when you have full conscious faith that the sub-conscious will act. Additionally, you must do all that you can physically to help it along. Being honest, compassionate, humble, patient, and just, and do not to obtain ANYTHING at the expense of another.

The good to be yours must be the fruit of your own inspirations and efforts. Your future health and prosperity can be yours only through your own positive and constructive thoughts and effort. Never say, "I feel sick, or "I 'm not loved," or I think I'll lose my job." Only express the positive in all thoughts, acts, words and deeds if you expect to reprogram your sub-conscious and advance your life's spiritual condition with positive results.

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The Sub-Conscious Mind