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The Epistle of Apollos The Prophet


1 TOUCHING the matter whereby thou didst enquire in thy last epistle, I will inform thee even as I have received. I Appollos was in my house in Nazareth after the Holy City had been taken by the Romans, and the Temple of God destroyed, even as the Lord had told us.

2 And as the sun went down and I was resting from my work, the room was filled with a bright light and there appeared unto me Agella., my sister (who had been reported as dead with many others of the brethren who were in the Holy City at the time of the siege and who have never since been seen by any to this day).

3 And Agella spake to me saying, BROTHER, why grievest thou for me, and for the fall of Ierusalem and for the Holy House. Grieve rather that thou wast left behind when we with others of the brethren who were ready were taken up from the earth.

4 For when the city was sorely besieged and the battle was the most fierce and the confusion great and terrible, there was seen by all a great wonder in the heavens.

5 For the Lord himself appeared from the clouds with her to whom he first appeared after he rose from the dead, who announced his resurrection to the twelve, and the holy angels, according to the word that he Spake unto us while he was in the flesh.

6 And we who sore longed for deliverance and were ready for his appearance were caught up to him in the clouds with Iohn, who alone of the twelve remained (whether in the body or out of the body I knew not).

7 It was in a moment and we were changed in the twinkling of an eye, and those who were his enemies saw it and fled in great confusion and fell on the swords of the Romans and perished, and to me alone has it been given that I should appear unto thee for thy comfort my brother, and for the consolation of those that are left behind and those that shall come after them, that they may believe in the words spoken by the Lord before he suffered.

8 Farewell brother, and go and comfort those that are left, for there will arise those who will deny that he returned as he said, because none of those who saw his appearance are left behind to witness thereof.

9 But believe thou that the Christ shall return again at the end of the Age in glory. 

10 AND I arose and went to some of the brethren and told them these things, but they seemed to them as an idle tale, for they answered, If thy sister and the others were taken, why have we been left behind in the misery of this world? Surely they have fallen by the sword also, and it was a vision, and we which are left behind shall perish likewise?

11 And I returned to my home and held my peace, for I was in doubt, and said, If the thing is true it will be brought to light in a future day, for the Lord certainly did say that "before this generation should pass away all these things should be," even as my sister hath told me they have been.

12 They who are with me salute thee. Peace be with thee, and to all in thine house.


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