Understanding The Essenic Theorem
Aspects and Perspectives of Conduct
Perspectives on the Processes of Existence on the Physical Plane

Inherent to the laws, there are various aspects and perspectives of conduct which if not practiced or followed show that an entity has gaps in his understanding which must be filled by additional karmatic experiences.

I. RESPECT All fragment-spirits in this System must respect all other fragments, and, all other parts of the System (such as the nature kingdoms), as a part of the Oneness. An entity must respect the rights of self, however, before he can extend respect to others. He must respect the right of self to grow, and to extend self beyond the present state of self. 

One must respect the rights of others to extend themselves to learn, giving this freedom to everyone and everything else that exists. One must not intentionally interfere with another entity's freedom to experience, nor with their environment of experience. 

To respect, also means not wanting to make someone else conform to your rules, and may not, unless both of you must work in cooperation towards a common goal. Then, balancing of the desires of both, becomes necessary. 

2. RESPONSIBILITY All beings of this System are individually responsible for their self and everything that happens to them. Responsibility is also lending help to another that he might grow and extend. Responsibility is an action principle; it has to do with leaving self to extend to others. 

Responsibility does not mean no change, or continuing with stagnated, non-learning experiences. You are responsible for letting go of non-learning situations, and extending into new learning situations. It is knowing when to extend, and when not to that is vital. 

Responsibility, however, goes beyond respecting your right to extend. Having given self the right to extend, and express and learn, you then take what you are and offer a point of stability to something or someone else, be it a society as a whole, or be it someone who is close. 

One must understand why they do something, however, before the doing becomes a true responsibility. It must be a decision with a reason. It is a balancing. It is the next step of interaction with two or more forces who have been given respect. It is where interaction with others comes into play. 

For every action there is a reaction. In many cases, many reactions. Your reactions, or repercussions through action of the law of cause and effect, come back to you in this life or another. You may feel that by doing one thing you will be responsible for only another, but in actuality, there could be a hundred different reactions that take place. 

Rules you've not even heard of, or things into the future that you have no awareness of, can come into play, even though they are a future reaction to the freedom you express now. Freedom is natural to all beings, but not all beings choose the best ways of being free, so have to suffer repercussions until they understand their freedom has no right to interfere with the freedom of another part of the Oneness. 

Every decision you make is a freedom, and is based upon how you feel and how you understand things at that point in time, for which you are responsible. It is extremely difficult to take responsibility for repercussions in the future when you have no way of knowing the particular repercussions. Therefore, you must maintain the understanding that you are responsible for what you believe now, and you are to give to others what you have to give them now. You will be measured against only the understanding you had at the time you acted, and not at some later time when your understanding was greater. 

3. RESTITUTION -Balancing out; Whenever an entity, by thought, word, or act creates an imbalance in the System energy due to a lack of understanding of an experience, it must provide restitution to the System by undergoing additional learning until the entity understands the situation from every point of view, and is balanced within. 

The Wholeness will temporarily compensate for the imbalance created by a separate entity, but the law of cause and effect will see to it that the entity has the necessary opportunities to gain understanding and balance in additional incarnations. Until you understand why you act and react to experiences the way that you do, and learn to experience them in balance and harmony within, you must undergo additional learning experiences through one life or many. 

You have the right, and the responsibility to experience everything there is to experience, and to accept and understand the consequences. For every action, there are one or more reactions that must be experienced and understood from every point of view. When you have problems in your thinking, those are usually the reasons you came back to earth in the first place. 

All fragment-entities elected to be a part of this System, to become experiencing arms of the Source, and to learn to be co-creators with the Source. To accomplish this, each entity has their own creative-concept, created at their time of fragmentation, and the opportunity to recycle into as many different forms, experiences, time periods, and physical situations as are necessary to master the ability to mentally understand and control matter. Each entity recycles at their own pace. There are no rewards or penalties. 

5. ADEPTNESS - When a fragment-entity has mastered this System {Creative Concept), they may move to another System for continued growth and learning, they may create their own systems of materiality, or, they may help other entities who are still working at mastering this one. They may work with groups in utilizing the group creativity, they may create within their own isolation, or they may cycle back and forth from groups to individualization. 

The Twelve Basic Precepts for Existence on the Physical Plane

First, let go of past conditioning; the fear structures that those who must dogmatize everything their own way require. Open your mind. Every belief structure is conceptual, and not entirely provable. Only you can decide what path is right for you. 

Second, become an observer of life. Do not become caught up in events, but separate your awareness from them. Know that nothing happens by coincidence. You are to learn from experiences, and you cannot learn unless you can rise above the purely physical and material effects of experiences; rise above the emotions and attitudes generated. 

Third, tune your awareness to all that exists about you. Take off the blinders that limit you to the singleness of physical existence. You are not of this world, so don't limit yourself to its physical boundaries alone. 

Fourth, have faith and trust in the interconnectedness of the Oneness; and that everything you require will be provided. You incarnated for a purpose, and you will not be lost. 

Fifth, set objectives, ideals, and determinations, after reflection and analysis. Be sure to re-set your goals and objectives as changes occur. 

do not criticize or judge others for you don't know what their lessons are, where they're coming from, or where they are going. All beings have their own paths. 

Seventh, actions and conduct should meet high ethics and morals, and be harmonious with the All.

Eighth, attitudes, opinions, and points of view must balance out. Try to understand the other person's perspective. They are part of the Oneness too. 

Ninth, set an example by style, quality, dignity, and character of living. 

Tenth, direct your best physical and mental powers towards achievement of your spiritual and moral objectives and ideals. 

Eleventh, communicate through private devotion, concentration, and meditation with the Oneness, and trust to be shown the pathway of growth. 

Twelfth, know that physical results and accomplishment are not what is important. What you experience and understand is all that is important. You are here to grow spiritually, not materialistically. 

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