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Creation or Evolution?
Creation or Evolution? Both are Involved.

Current controversies involve whether we exist because of creation or evolution. Both are involved. The creative concept of our System was created at once by the Source, but, the concept evolves also, over eons of time, according to the plan of that concept.

Evolution, from a metaphysical perspective, could be considered the growth of anything from one phase to the next. Evolution could also be thought of as the pressure of the spirit confined in matter, striving to free itself.

There are two parts or aspects to evolution. The first part is the evolution of the atomic-molecular, mineral, plant, animal, and human forms and species in the physical System. The second part, and the part we are concerned with, is the evolution of the fragment-spirit as it is reincarnated from one form and species to the next as an experiencing arm of the Source, and as it grows and expands its ability to create, maintain and manipulate physical forms.

Evolution of the atomic-molecular and mineral kingdoms has to do with the planet itself, and is more involved with the law of balance and harmony. It is not a situation one would notice, for it is very gradual and controlled by the laws involving balance. There are certain forces and energies which are involved, including thought energy, and when these are out of balance the planet compensates through storms, pole shifts, tsunamis and other earth changes, to bring it back into balance.

Evolution of the plant, animal, human forms and species is somewhat different. They follow certain physical laws, and are more affected by the thinking and the progress or growth of the minds that live on the earth. In other words, as humans advance their ideas of the way the earth should evolve, the plants and animals must adhere to those ideas and change accordingly. If they cannnot change or adapt to man's impact, they will become extinct and no longer exist. Some humans have gone this same route as well.

The laws which affect the evolution of forms and species are (1) natural selection, (2) attraction and repulsion, (3) discrimination by intelligent choice, (4) adaptation, (5) free will and the power to choose, (6) ordered change through metamorphosis and (7) mutation.

Evolution of the human spirit is the soul evolution, and is purely by choice, then by free will. It is also a group situation, as to the specific time period within which a group is incarnated, and evolved very slowly according to the majority of the thinking patterns on earth at the time.

However, individual spirits are able to maintain a balance and an understanding quicker than the total of their peers or the whole group on earth as such. Individual spirits can evolve faster than the group, and, the thinking patterns of the human spirits set the pace for the entire evolution of the planet.

Evolution of the fragment-spirit would seem to mean that it always goes in a forward path, and that is not always true. Sometimes, in order to grow, you must go backwards to understand more fully what you didn't learn prior. So, evolution of the entity is a back and forth motion rather than straight ahead. This is why there have been civilizations in the past much more advanced than our own.

Since evolution of the spirit is sometimes a back and forth movement, when you have to go back, you go back to other learning experiences; to repeat learning experiences that you have gone through before but may not have fully understood. Often, this lack of understanding does not show up until you have progressed to a point where you lose the remembrance of those lessons. Therefore, you have to go back.

This does not mean that you would, at a later time, come back to this particular lifetime and relive certain parts of it, if you hadn't understood your lessons. What was meant is that you would go back to a similar learning experience, not necessarily the same one. Perhaps, in an different octave of that time period and experience.

The concept of creation for the material world both evolves and unfolds. The idea of unfoldment conveys the idea of a continual opening in one direction only. However, evolution of the spirit means forward movement, often coupled with a reverse movement, and then a forward movement until an evolution is apparent. The human spirit evolves primarily, with its inherent potentials unfolding along with the progress of its evolvement.

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