Understanding The Essenic Theorem
Incarnation and Reincarnation
Perspectives on the Processes of Existence on the Physical Plane

An incarnation is the process whereby the non-physical essence of a fragment-spirit is invested with bodily nature and form. It is a union of the physical plane of existence with the non-physical plane. It is an atomic-molecular, mineral, plant, animal, or human form embodying a spirit, and the giving of actuality and reality to the thought image of a fragment of the Source. It is a translation of the potential of spirit into the dynamics of the material realm.

Reincarnation is the re-cycling of the essence of the fragment-spirit into different physical forms, in different time periods, in different roles, as an experiencing arm of the Source, for the purpose of gaining understanding which will teach the fragment-entity how to create, maintain, and manipulate matter at will and in balance, as a co-creator with the Source.

The spirit essence which animates physical forms never dies, and is what is recycled. It was a part of the Original until the Original fragmented. It has existed from the beginning and is an eternal being. It exists on the non-physical astral plane whenever the physical body it has been occupying ceases functioning, or it is not incarnated in a physical form on earth plane.

The Source evolves and experiences through Its creations. The purpose of material existence is to grow through experiences in all forms of materiality. A fragment cannot become a co-creator without understanding all of the materials, tools, techniques and processes of creation.

We reincarnate into multiple forms and situations because one lifetime is in no way sufficient time, nor does it offer sufficient exposures to enough diverse situations, to give the fragment-spirit the understandings necessary to become an effective experiencing and co-creating arm of the Source.

When fragment-entities elected to manifest in the physical-material System, they agreed to experience all of the forms in the atomic-molecular, mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, in order to become aware of the consciousness level, make-up, functioning, and part that each form plays in the overall scheme of the physical universe. Higher level entities help plan, program, and schedule incarnations in these forms.  

"The works that I do shall ye also do, even greater works than these shall ye do" (John 14:12)

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