Understanding The Essenic Theorem (369)
Intelligence, Creative Will and Universal Energy
Perspectives on the Processes of Existence on the Physical Plane

In the beginning there was only intelligence or consciousness, creative will, and universal energy. That was the Source. Each human fragment-entity is a part of that Source. Whatever exists now, therefore, was created by the will of that Source, using Its intelligence, impressed upon the universal energy. The intelligence of the Source is what we call the universal mind, or universal spirit. Mind is the evolving part of spirit. Each fragment-entity is a part of that evolving universal mind and spirit.

The Source, or Creative Force, can only act out and exercise Its potential by thinking. It uses Its creative will to form thought images, then impresses these thought images upon the universal energy. The thought images attract energy to them, and, as the energy vibrations slow down, the further away they travel from the originating point, the thought images begin to solidify into matter, and the images are transformed into physical forms. That is the way the physical universe-System was created.

Nothing can manifest in this three dimensional universe that did not first exist in a mind, as a thought. Nothing physical can materialize, exist, or evolve without conscious thought by a spirit source. Nothing can happen by accident.

Our mind is the aspect of our spirit where all experiences that we have had in all of time are recorded and maintained. Mind is the attribute of spirit that stores information, that stores things that have existed in the past. It is the fragment-entity's connection with the universal mind. This is how a person in regression, or other altered states, can tune into past experiences.

We were fragmented to learn to use our mind to become co-creators with the Source. The creations of every fragment-spirit must be able to exist in balance and harmony with the creations of others. As a part of this learning, we must also learn to dematerialize what we have materialized, also in balance and harmony with others.

Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately, most entities in this time period cannot concentrate long enough on one thing, with enough intensity, to materialize their thought images. One day, however, all will have evolved to that point of creativity.

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