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Negative People and Environments
Negativity; A Concept of Material Existence

Just because we are surrounded by negative people or a negative environment, does not mean we must absorb that energy or vibration. You could be in a totally negative environment for years and never absorb it, if your thinking was of the level that was not negative in itself.

It would be in the way of viewing the others as simply not understanding, which is the way that you must look at the others that do not understand what you do now, in the way of metaphysical thinking. It is really not negative.

Negativity is a concept that comes from material existence. It is not a natural spirit trait. You call things negative because you think they do you harm. In essence, they give you your additional learning. The negative, if you will look at it in that fashion is not to be avoided, for it does bring growth. But, growth comes through joy as well. However, you do not find as much strength in self from dealing with things that are not difficult, as opposed to having overcome that which seemed immense.

Recognizing negativity is recognizing duality instead of Oneness. Your thought energy should be used to build up the positiveness of the Oneness, and the appropriateness of everything at the time, no matter how physically disagreeable a person or situation may be.

When you recognize negativity you give it strength. It is only when you recognize the Oneness in all of creation, that you have no difficulty. Things are not necessarily good or bad. They just are, and they are different, but they are in balance and harmony with the time and place and situation.

If you take the vilest, most horrible person you can think of on earth today in a human form, they are just another manifestation of the God-force, with the role of acting out a vile part. They are not bad; they just are, acting out a point of view or aspect of the all.

You must remember, however, that each experience is here, because the people that needed it are still there. Nothing happens by accident. When you look at things as evil, you are still at the point where you need to learn that good can come from evil. This has not yet been recognized by most, and therefore, you must go through much evil to come to understand this truth.

You must come to understand that life goes on, it never stops and is ever changing, ever joyful, even though there is much pain. The world, with all of its various forms is neither good nor bad, holy or unholy is nothing beyond itself. What is, is, for a purpose. Everything is where it is and what it is for a reason. It is for us to learn from, to react to, and transcend.

Nature and its forms provide a school and a stage upon which we act out our roles. We teach ourselves by trial and error, through repercussions, at our own pace. There are no penalties and no rewards.

Our mental attitudes give life to things, and giving life is understanding that what we are, what we do, and where we do it is just right. In fact, it is perfect for us at this time. We destroy the pleasure in our lives by the expectations that there is something betters somewhere else. Giving life to our lives means coming to understand that one place is really as good as another. There are no best places or situations or relationships except the ones surrounding us. Because, we automatically draw to us what we need to learn from. That is the way the System works. That is the truth of the moment.

Instead of vainly seeking to escape the conditions which constitute our lives by means of flight, we should focus on them, and become one with the circumstances themselves no matter what they are. A total understanding of them will free us of them. Trying to escape them will only set up a need for them elsewhere, to continue to cycle into our awareness, until we understand the reason for them.

Everything and everyone else is merely another facet or aspect of ourself, or of the Oneness. Respect of self and respect of others is all that should be. Only by dividing the world into good or bad does it become confusing to us. Only by distinguishing between what is real and what is unreal do we complicate reality. We have no right to demean our role in this life, and what we do, because our role is just as important to the Wholeness as any other role, irrespective of what it is.

Preferring to be doing something else shows a lack of understanding of the balance of the Wholeness. Wanting to be somewhere else destroys our lesson from being in the place that we are. Wanting to be playing instead of working destroys our work.

Whatever task we may find at hand we must do to the extent of our abilities. Whether the attempt meets with success or failure is of no importance. The value is in the doing, the learning, and in the understanding of what is involved.

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