Understanding The Essenic Theorem
Nothing Happens by Accident
Perspectives on the Processes of Existence on the Physical Plane

There is no such thing as an accident. Nothing in this Universe-System occurs haphazardly. There is no chance, no providence, and nothing ever just happens. What is, is, and what happens, happens, because of the need to balance out the repercussions from the attitudes and emotions of fragment-entities, put into a creative mode through their thoughts, words, and deeds.

The master law of change, cause and effect, the likes-opposites attract laws, the reincarnation process, linear time periods, astrological influences and configurations, and agreements made in-between lives assure dynamic balance and harmony in the System, and assure that nothing ever happens by accident.

Earth changes, catastrophes, deaths, and diseases do not just happen coincidentally, or because of a Supreme Being's influence. They happen because everything constantly changes, through mental and evolutionary creation, and must constantly react in order to maintain a balance. The laws and processes assure a balance and harmony in nature. Everything cycles into balance and harmony, from atom to solar system to fragment entity to the Oneness.

Nothing can materialize, exist, or grow in the three dimensional, physical universe System, unless it is thought of first, and as energy forms around the thought image. Everything that exists in the material world is a thought image that has solidified.

You will automatically draw to you that from which you need to learn, based upon the creative concept developed for your personal mastership of this System at the time you were fragmented by the Source, and its laws. You will have a chance to learn, or re-learn, at your own pace.

Every event in your life is linked to a need demonstrated by a previous cause. A cause to an effect. Each problem in your life is a test of your evolutionary growth in the physical state. Each decision you make sets up your next lesson. The final results of events in the physical state are not what matters, for you are spirit and are not rooted in the physical. The only thing that matters is how you deal with, and what you learn and understand from the events.

How it is possible to rationalize the concept that nothing happens by accident, to a person who just had their first auto crash, and never thought of this auto crash beforehand, certainly not with intensity and duration. If they didn't create it, who did? How is such a happening, or creation explained?

Any material object is the result of an idea, held in intensity before its materialization. But, it is not necessarily your thought intensity that creates the materialization. If you are an unevolved entity, much of what has been set in motion is that which was held in mind and projection for you before your incarnation took place. Unevolved entities cannot yet materialize their own thought ideas.

Next, as the entity evolves, his ideas gain the ability to become materialized. However, quite often an immature, beginning creationist entity will hold attitudes rather than forms as an idea. And, the attitudes with sufficient intensity will bring something to pass, but not necessarily something the entity would have desired. Therefore, watch your attitudes, because as you begin to work in these levels you do create. But, unless you have given your ideas form deliberately, you may not have that which you wish to create or experience.

As an individual develops further, there will be less of your life that is planned for you, and more will be left to your more immediate reactions to circumstances, since you will learn more from incurring immediate responses to your thinking than to a planned ahead of time experience. Therefore, as you become more adept, less is plotted out in the future for you. The guidelines, and guide induced incidents become fewer and fewer, and take on a more major significance in their unplanned-by-you appearance. For example, somebody appearing of whom you didn't know you had a need. A desire for a change may be a gravitation towards this particular point, bringing it to complete fruition.

Simply put, the less understanding within an entity the less control they have about what types of things are brought into their lives. The more understanding, the more ability they have to determine events brought into their lives. But, the in-between point, where they have neither control nor complete lack of control is one that would seem chaotic, simply because there is no determined attitude which forms into a determined form creating the end product. You merely have thought forms, without clear materializations, giving way to materializations of equal vibratory rates.

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