Understanding The Essenic Theorem
Opportunities Disguised as Distractions
Perspectives on the Processes of Existence on the Physical Plane

Each of us must come to realize how much of the past we hold onto, in our attempt to move ourselves into the future. We are always trying to bring the past into the future in order to make it "manifest again." This is a very difficult way to try to allow ourselves to experience the new. And yet, it is a normal way for most of us, for we are security minded beings and choose not to give up something old when there is a danger that something new that may not replace it, or be as good.

It is a fear of the unknown that we all face, and, there may be a number of things which could be adapted or changed in order to allow the new to enter our lives. We must stop and examine the totality of our goal, and then see whether or not there are additional areas that can be causing problems in our attempt.

Oftentimes, there are many things along our path that we would have choose not to experience, had delays and frustrations not been laid before us. We would avoid many of the lessons that we need to grow. Therefore, complications can be of an inner soul growth nature for us, although creating a frustration in the outer sense. It is only through these tactics, that you can get to look inside of self instead of outside of self. Remember, everything is a new learning experience.

When you "go with the flow", you are paying attention to all of the small situations which are found along the path which leads to the goals you have set for yourself. This is true, whether you have set them in this lifetime or before incarnating. We, as creative beings, are capable of visualizing where we want to be in the future, and are also capable of pursuing those same dreams. But, often we get frustrated when we do not seem to be able to reach the goal which we have set. This happens when we have refused to pay attention to the smaller details and experiences which are presented to us as opportunities for growth.

We do not pay attention to small details and experiences, because they are not presented to us in the normal guise of opportunities. Instead, they come disguised as distractions. We, therefore, think that they are of no value and refuse to acknowledge them, and so, often, we miss the very opportunities which were needed in order to reach our goals.

It is necessary to realize that each step of growth needs to be incorporated into our overall concept of where we are going, since there is no such thing as a static situation. Your goals and dreams need to change periodically, according to the new experiences which are had along the path. This helps you to update and extend your goals, and to flexibly adapt them to new situations so you can develop and grow. Otherwise, once you reach the goal along the path you have never applied mid-course changes to, you find yourself dissatisfied and looking for something else, for you have changed and it is no longer a viable goal. Nothing new will ever immediately appear because you have chosen to ignore the obvious options along the way, and look only for another empty dream to hold on to.

You must constantly recreate or reestablish your dreams, based upon your everyday experiences, for your experiences provide the material for new ideas. If you choose to not allow anything different or distracting into your lives, then you have only the old information to provide for the creation of your intended path.

Always continue to project what you would like to have and do in the future, but recognize that the steps of growth in that direction are often disguised, and also, once you take a few steps along the path you may want to alter it to include much more. Growth means constant adaptation, not stagnation by repetition.

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