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The Importance of Right Thinking
Thinking; The Creative Power

Thinking is a creative power. Your physical body is the manifestation of the use of your creative thinking ability. Therefore, right thinking creates right results. It is for this reason that affirmations and visualization is suggested, for right thinking must first become a part of your automatic or sub-conscious thinking process. Once it is natural to assume this as an ability, then the physical will automatically manifest it.

In using positive thinking creatively, you must first establish the motivation for doing so. Next, you must make yourself aware of any fears that you have, for your fears can be your undoing. And, it is necessary to select positive imaging thoughts and affirmations to counteract these fears. Then, the positive imaging must be reinforced on a regular basis until the fear no longer has strength.

This is difficult, for quite often when you recognize the positive you also recognize the negative, and it is easier for us to reinforce the negative which has already been set in motion than it is to create a new habit pattern with our emotions. Emotions, then, are the next step. They must be added to the positive programming so that it may manifest as a reality for you.

Some of us have been trained to set goals, and to mentally and visually project through positive thinking and affirmations what you wish to physically manifest. But, you get disappointed when they don't occur. You should always set goals, but you should also be aware that it is often a necessity to change goals along the way, as you gain more insight into the appropriateness of a particular time.

We are the sum of what we have created in the past and what we can create now. We exist in the continuous flow of our creations, and the flow is altered and varies momentarily, from the influences of these creations. To think that we can make instantaneous great leaps is positive thinking, and is theoretically possible, but most of us must grow one step at a time.

Your belief structure now; your attitudes, emotions, goals and hopes now, will help counter your negative creations of the past, and will help you project a more positive future. Since you are at the helm, or the point of your continuous flow of creation, you can direct it wherever you wish.

The momentum you developed in the past, and its vector points, have a residual effect on the speed and acceleration you may utilize in changes now, without going completely off the track or out of the banks of the flow. That is why it is necessary to focus as much as possible now, in order to aim for new horizons in the future.

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