The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies
Individual Reflected Vibrational Makeup
The Quality of Feelings and Thoughts of Being

The karmic needs or experiences of an individual are reflected in their vibrational makeup. The karmic vibratory power of the individual is determined by their feelings, their thought patterns and processes. The quality of the feelings and the thoughts affect these vibratory rates.

Beauty, harmony, balance, kindness, peace, and loving service to another create the higher, more divine vibrations. Making a bed or scrubbing a floor can be a devotional act, if done in peace and with humility. Energy, in order to qualify as balancing one's karmic gaps, need not be spiritual per so, as long as it is constructively and harmoniously given. The law is that energy must be harmoniously utilized and released, not spiritually released,

It is your responsibility to maintain a harmonious flow of the energy provided you, regardless of any external disturbances or sense reports. We guard our worldly possessions with great vigor, yet allow the most precious of all, harmony, to be shattered on the slightest pretext of an unkind word, an act of another, or by startling reports of worldly affairs and conditions.

Your destiny is the karma, or understandings of physical life that you have not gained yet; The balanced understanding of spirit immersed in matter.

You are either the master, and controlling and directing the lifestream that runs through you, or you are mastered by your angers, hatred, fears, greed, jealousy, ego and other emotional imbalances.

When we meet others through karmic ties and daily living, one may be prone to allow any passing force, spoken word, or oddity of another to change the pattern of our thoughts and feelings and destroy our harmony and peace.

You are like a stream of energy from the Creative Force, and the radiations of that energy, in the form of your thoughts, feelings, acts and words, is your personality and your responsibility, and demonstrate your karma and your destiny.

The energy vibration from the Source is perfect harmony. Your radiation of it may be much less, as you evolve. Through your many learning experiences, through many reincarnations, you are to become the complete master of every electron flowing through your physical lifestream.

You were allowed to express your individuality as a perfect vibration. However, your thoughts, acts, words and feelings, aggravated and enhanced by the needs of the physical form you now occupy, create vibrations on top of that perfect vibration, or within it. Those additional unbalanced vibrations are your karma (gaps in understanding from the past) and your destiny (lessons yet to experience in physical form).

There are future lessons still to be learned, lessons to be worked on this lifetime, lessons you are creating today for tomorrow, and a mix of these. There is individual karma and there is group karma. Nations, ethnic groups, families, all have group destinies as well as individual ones.

When you take a real interest in the vibratory activity you allow to pass through your body, from and to others, your destiny load will be lighter and more balanced. No person, place, condition or thing, is important enough to destroy your harmony and equilibrium.

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