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What is Metaphysics?
A Combination of Physics-Science, Philosophy and Being

Metaphysics is a philosophy which incorporates ontology, or the science of being, existence and reality, with cosmology, or the science which treats the universe as an orderly system, and concerns itself with the fundamental causes and processes in all things.

It is a combination of Physics-Science (collection and study of facts and laws of all natural and material forms, energies and existences), Psychology (the science of mind, knowledge, consciousness and behavior), Philosophy (the love of wisdom, and the investigation of the facts and principles of reality, human nature and conduct; comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics and discipline), and Being (conscious existence in time and space, or such existence as is logically conceivable).

Metaphysical knowledge involves noumenal understanding (non-empirical, not observable by everyone), as well as phenomenal (observable) understanding. It involves empirical knowledge of the System, based upon experience and observation of phenomena perceived through the senses, with and without regard to the current level of science and theory, and non-empirical perceptions, obtained through extended senses which are beyond, and/or not a part of the material world.

Metaphysics seeks to understand the dichotomies of reason versus intuition, brain versus mind, body versus spirit, thinking versus knowing, observation versus inspiration, objective versus subjective, seen versus unseen, and the physical senses versus extrasensory perceptions (awareness of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience)

Metaphysics is the search for the reasons we have accepted the things we have been taught, and looking into other things which have validity too, but may not have been taken into consideration within the framework of those initial teachings.

Everything constantly changes, and knowledge constantly expands, but, the major belief structures of this world are still locked in dogma and rituals applicable to the awareness and understandings of man centuries ago, most of which are not necessarily applicable now.

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