Understanding The Essenic Theorem
What is Perfection
Perspectives on the Processes of Existence on the Physical Plane

Perfection is the Oneness of all things amongst the diversity of all things. It is not that we are to grow or evolve into perfection. Indeed, we are already that way and have always been so. But, from our isolated or fragmented viewpoints, there is much we do not understand concerning the collectiveness we all form, in our attempt to find our own individuality and become more creative in it.

We must come to an awareness of how we fit together with everything and everyone else and how they impact upon us, and that our freedom is limited by the impact it has upon others. Once we reach the understanding of balance and harmony in being a separate unique aspect of the Source, but at the same time an integral part of the Wholeness of the Source, we can get on with our own creativity with no further concern for achieving perfection or reintegration. We already are both and the same.

We must understand how everything fits into the Whole, and how it is balanced against everything else in Its total perfection. Once this understanding becomes a part of us, we then see that the physical-material System we are currently experiencing in is all in balance; that everything is in harmony, and our attitudes need no longer go out of balance. We can then learn to control our attitudes and thoughts and can use them to create. For energy follows thought, and matter accumulates around thought forms or ideas.

We all have free will, and we are only limited in exercising our free will by the extent to which we try to impose our free will upon others. This we may not do. Our use of free will must be in balance with the free will of the Whole, or the law of cause and effect will act to us balance out. That is the lesson of the physical-material System.

We are All and All are part of the Whole. And yet, with this awareness of our true identity we must realize that not only do we as individual egos have this ability, but collectively, when put together in harmony towards something, we create our future. Therefore, we are always limited by the Whole, or we are going to be impacted upon by the Whole. So, it depends upon our reasons for the expression of our free will, whether or not we will have difficulties expressing it.

There is no way to bridge the concepts just discussed, to those who speak of our goal as the drop going back into the ocean of eternal bliss, or the ocean going into the drop, or becoming perfect and living in heaven forever.

You cannot bridge it. All must come eventually to the understanding that each drop is the ocean or the Whole. It is only when the drop sees itself as lacking, that it is no longer the Whole.

If you believe that you live in a house with four walls, and that that is the way life is, you will never find out that you live in a country that is bordered by oceans, for you will never venture out of your four walls. It takes a desire to break through and explore life and understand more about it. Until you are willing to take a chance and go beyond the more limited world that you have known, this is not possible to understand. Your reality is limited.

It is often in the search for and observation of other things that we find ourselves, and this is why it is not necessary to try to stop others from doing the things that they do. For, in their pursuit of all the various things that the earth plane has to offer, they must eventually find themselves, and when they find themselves they will find everybody else as well.

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