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What is Truth?
Truth; An Eternal Process

Truth is an eternal process. It changes from awareness to awareness and is ever being created. It is the common denominator of all existence, but existence is constantly changing and evolving, and so must Truth.

No one will ever exactly comprehend all truth. For, as you reach a level of comprehension, so too does the rest of mankind develop their own unique comprehension, which is separate and different from yours because of their individuality, and yet, similar to yours because of the Oneness. And, when gathering together all their uniquenesses, they will create for you a world which will impact upon your own uniqueness.
The only way to gain a total understanding of truth is to lose identity within the Whole, and this has for you no benefits other than for a small glimpse of understanding. It is alright that you gain a glimpse, then pull yourself back out, so that you may in your uniqueness continue on to greater understanding and creativity. There is no advantage to you in a total merging. Your purpose is not to reintegrate with the Whole.
The growth of truth is a spiral. It does not merge at a circle of infinity. Truth is something we all seek and Truth is an ever unfolding cloth. You cannot find it in one life, in one place, in one book. Everyone is on a different path. All are where they need to be. In time, all of our paths will change, and we will still be where we should be. Everything is perfect in its place, for the automatic Laws of the System cannot fail.
People can only take one step at a time, and we are all at different places along the path. Some can understand concepts that others cannot. We cannot find fault with this, for each person must be allowed to take the step they are ready for, to return and take the next, and sometimes to rest awhile.
In our searches for the truth, or for understanding, we are drawn to the people or places that can help. It is a matter of the laws of likes attract opposites, or likes attract likes, operating. There are so many philosophies of existence, or truth as different entities see it, because all things that are manifest there was a need of, and due to the fact that their existence is still manifest within the time period, there is still a need of it.
That which we as our true essence focus' upon, is maintained. Thoughts create. That Which we choose to forget dissipates in time as our thoughts focus elsewhere, or as we recreate it into something different.
Differences in people and their belief structures help broaden our Understandings, by giving us other points of view as we interact with them. This is why we choose to incarnate as a group, to assist each Other.
No one has all the insight. You bring me my learning lessons and I bring you a different perspective from which to grow. This is true of everyone, even the most evolved. The most evolved go on to find out more, as we as the Whole continue to create more. It is what we as a group create that we as individuals have to find, to find how we as One now fit into that new Whole.
It is as though as a Whole, we project out a new awareness that we as one must then try to achieve to, and in the process we create a new future and a new awareness that didnít exist before. It is not limited to the awareness of those on earth, or those you consider being on the earth plane, either. For there are other Systems, and there are other awarenesses that we do not understand from here.

All of life is what you pursue, and what you create or choose not to create. There are certain things that may be predestined, but these are things which change the course of oneís life completely and find You. There are other things that one must choose to pursue or not to pursue, to continue to open oneís field or to hold to a more traditional set of values. Do not look to others to answer those things which are to be your lessons and your opportunities. What you pursue will open, and will always be there, to help you establish truth.

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