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The transformation of the mortal body into the 'shuddha deham' or the 'perfect body' has been the subject of much discussion with all masters and their disciples throughout the centuries. If we wish for 'moksha,' or the 'becoming,' then it is important for us to understand the principals of the process.

To perfect the body means to raise it to such a fine spiritual vibration that when the time for ascension comes, it has no difficulty in merging immediately with the frequency of Divine will.

All have achieved this transformation through many years of yogic practices, yet it is possible and within each of us, to achieve this awesome feat now and in our own lifetimes.

This is the very special dispensation of our current age. It is an inspired process which can bring about union with the divine in all levels spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical.

By following the path of raising ourselves through spirals of energy and light, we can transform the presently prevailing impure body, susceptible to addiction, decay and material bondage, into the everlasting and imperishable realm of the eternal.

When the yogis and mystics of yore went through the rigorous of intense spiritual 'Sadhana' they knew that their goal was to achieve this state of impersonal, yet highly personalized, divine love to all living things and beings. This had to be achieved through a thorough cleansing of all the four lower bodies, and the ability to receive final grace.

Seeing everything alive, as an aspect of God's thought, expressed as a physical reality, was crucial. This was a principle of reverence for all life, and when the mystic connected himself inextricably into the web of life, he became One with life itself, and it was expressed through a clean and pure body, mind, and spirit.

The other aspect of this function was complete renunciation of the material world, and a total devotion to God and his principles. When
both of these principles merged in the form of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, the mystic was ready to receive the descent of divine grace.

Today we know that by merely calling for the light continually and daily in our communions, with all the devotion and fervor that we can muster, melting our hearts with our deep love for God, a soothing warmth is produced in our bodies. This is the frequency of the vibration that will start the purification process.

As we carry on with this practice and develop this energy on a daily basis, we will find ourselves being gradually purified and our subtle
vibrational aspects raised. Slowly, yet surely, we will find all traces of the five most negative emotions, Anger, Greed, Lust, Pride and Ego, as well as addictions and attachment to the material world, will begin to disintegrate from our normal lives.

Then, one day, and by His grace, the material body of the impure elements will be transmuted, and man will finally become that which he has been destined since the beginning of times.

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