The Nazarene Way of Essenic Studies
~ School of the Prophets ~
The Teachings of the Elect

  Into the innermost circle have you come, into the mystery of mysteries. To that which was old when Enoch was young and walked the earth. Around and around have you come on your journey of many ages, always following the path of righteousness, living according to the Holy Law and upholding the Sacred Vows. Yea, you have made of your body a holy temple wherein dwells the spirit of God.

 Now you shall learn of the law of the angels, the mystery of the Holy Streams and the ancient ways of the prophets. You shall now bathe in the light of heaven and at last behold the revelation of the mystery of mysteries: The law of God. The oneness for which the Son of Man was destined from the beginning of times.  ~Essene Gospel of Peace.

~ The School of the Prophets ~

The study of sacred and spiritually inspired texts was an important aspect of early Essenian life. The ancient Essenes took time each day to study many diverse writings and to contemplate their profound teachings. They continually studied and they continually learned. 

Through this course we will explore various texts, scrolls and manuscripts all of which reflect the esoteric teachings, spiritual practices and history of the ancient Essenes. 

May peace be with you on your journey, and may the light of truth guide you on your Way.

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School of the Prophets