SPCA Farm Animal Sanctuary. SPCA Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Monthly adoption sponsors are urgently needed...... Help support the SPCA Farm Animal Sanctuary Today....... Become a member of this unique and exiting program!

In addition to our dog and feline rescue and adoption efforts, The SPCA of Pinellas is also the permanent home to many abused, neglected and unwanted farm animals. At the SPCA Farm Animal Sanctuary, rescued farm animals live out there lives in a park like setting.

Due to zoning and county restrictions, rescued farm animals are not adoptable. But with your support, the SPCA of Pinellas County is able to provide life-long care for these animals with nourishing food, spacious clean barns and acres of green sunny pastures to roam in freely.

By sponsoring one or more of these animals you will become a valued member of our barnyard community. In addition, we will send you information about your farm animal friend including a photograph, adoption certificate, and details about how your donation is helping this unique and exiting program!

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Email the SPCA Farm Animal Sanctuary at: FarmFriends@spcaofpinellas.org
To report animal cruelty, please call (727) 586-3591 during business hours.
 The SPCA of Pinellas County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.
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