The Way vs. The Church

Below is a chart, outlining the major points of "The Way" as taught by "Jesus the Nazarene", his brother, "James the Just", their cousin, "John the Baptist", the Essenes, Nazarenes, Ebionites and others.

On the opposing side, those of the Church (creating the perfect paradox) show on the one hand - what might have been versus what history has revealed.

Essene, Nazarene viz. James
"The Way"

Judeo, Christian viz. Paul 
"The Church"

Human Potential

A. Self Empowerment A. Negation of Self
B. Continual rebirth/evolution through initiation/knowledge (gnosis) = enlightenment/gradation to higher level of realization/manifestation/ higher incarnation B. One birth/one rebirth in same incarnation through faith/belief in someone else's effort (i.e. Jesus's) = one shot - all or nothing salvation; failure = eternal damnation
C. Graduation through lifetimes of right thoughts right words right deeds. C. Only through faith in Jesus's death and resurrection can one be saved. 1. Works are worth nothing 2.Only vicarious blood sacrifice of the innocent can pay for the sins of the guilty.

Human Contract with Nature

A. Stewardship of the earth A. Dominion over the earth
B. Passive co-operation and respect for all life B. Aggressive command and control over nature
1. No violence of any kind = no war or aggression of any kind 1. Centuries of so-called righteous wars = all manner of violence inquisitions etc.
2. No forced servitude of any kind = no military no slavery etc. 2. institutionalized forced servitude = militarism slavery etc.
3. No cruelty of any kind = no blood sacrifices or other related cruelties to humans animals etc. Also no meat or hide industries etc. 3. All lower evolutions of nature viewed as natural resources/commerce - therefore animals (having no soul) can be enslaved sacrificed murdered etc. (at will).

Effect on the Course of History

A. Awareness of interdependent co-operation of all ecosystems A. Aggressive domination by human race.
B. Harmony, balance = world peace B. Manifest destiny = world chaos

None of these correlating ills possible under

1. Wars: responsible for torture and death of untold millions.


2. Forced Servitude: allowed for slavery, militarism, sexism etc. For centuries.

None of these correlating ills possible under Essene/Nazirene paradigm known as "The Way"

3. Cruel dominion over nature: led to extinction of untold numbers of plants and animals life.

None of these correlating ills possible under Essene/Nazirene paradigm known as "The Way"

4. Lack of Vegetarianism:

a) Aids and abets world hunger

  1. 16 lbs. of grain = 1 edible lb. of beef.
  2. 5'000 gallons of water = 1 edible lb. of beef.
  3. 85% of U.S. topsoil - loss directly related to livestock raising etc.
b). Meat industry: endangers entire ecosystems - particularly in rainforest regions (especially Central and South America)
  1. Amount of meat imported to U.S. annually from Central and South America: 300,000,000 pounds.
  2. Percentage of Central American children under the age of 5 who are undernourished: 75%
  3. Area of tropical rainforest consumed in every quarter pound of rainforest beef: 55sq. ft.
  4. Current rate of species extinction due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing etc.=1,000 per year

None of these correlating ills possible under Essene/Nazirene paradigm known as "The Way"

5. Lack of Self-Empowerment:

a) Creates hopelessness
b) Promotes an attitude (the result of which leads to a) lack for the taking of full responsibility for the consequences of one's own actions.

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