The Four Noble Truths

1. Every human being to some extent lives in confusion (sorrow) in the
manifestations of the Infinite and this reality.

2. The main cause of confusion is self centered desire because we think
that we are not at one with all of humanity.

3. We can put an end to our confusion in the manifestations of the Infinite
and this reality and begin to live in peace and harmony by overcoming our
self centered desire.

4. Confusion can be put to an end by following the peaceful and
harmonious eight fold path which consists of:

1. Peaceful and harmonious Knowledge. Know in our minds that all
things change.

2. Peaceful and harmonious Aspiration. Determination to live in the
peace and harmony of the oneness of the Infinite and humanity by refusing to
make distinctions that are the source of confusion in the manifestations of
this reality.

3. Peaceful and harmonious Speech. Always speak the truth and be
charitable in speaking to others.

4. Peaceful and harmonious behavior
a. Do not kill any living thing.
b. Do not steal.
c. Do not lie.
d. Practice sexual restraint
e. Avoid alcohol and drugs

5. Peaceful and harmonious livelihood. Pursue occupations that
promote peace and harmony and uplift humanity as opposed to those that
increase confusion within humanity.

6. Peaceful and harmonious Effort. Remain centered in the Oneness of
the Infinite.

7. Peaceful and harmonious Attention. Remaining moment to moment
attentive to the oneness of the Infinite.

8. Peaceful and harmonious Meditation to train the mind.

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