~ The Dhammapada ~
The Buddha's Path of Wisdom
Translated by F. Max Müller

The Buddha's "Path of Wisdom." The instructions explaining the true nature of existence and the knowledge which extricates the roots of all suffering. The Dhammapada consists of 423 verses in Pali uttered by the Buddha on some 305 occasions for the benefit of all beings. These sayings were selected and compiled into one book as being worthy of special note on account of their beauty and relevance for molding the lives of future generations of Buddhists. They are divided into 26 chapters and the stanzas are arranged according to subject matter.


The Four Noble Truths


 1: The Twin Verses
 2: On Earnestness
 3: The Mind
 4: Flowers
 5: The Fool
 6: The Wise Man
 7: The Worthy
 8: The Thousands
 9: Evil
10: Punishment
11: Old Age
12: Self
13: The World
14: The Buddha
15: Happiness
16: Pleasure
17: Anger
18: Impurity
19: The Just
20: The Way
21: Miscellaneous
22: The Downward Course
23: The Elephant
24: Thirst
25: The Bhikshu (Mendicant)
26 The Brahmana (Arhat)

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The Dhammapada