In theology or scientific religion, it is all important that terms should ever be used in one and the same sense, else confusion and error are and must be (as it has been) the result. Thus the word PERSON is used (in this work) in its primary signification (persona) appearance, or manifestation; while personality is that which belongs to person. 

INDIVIDUAL (indivisable or undivided duality) is the One pure Spirit, the Eternal Esse, the LIFE and SUBSTANCE, the innermost, the all-pervading Spirit which resides in every person or manifestation. 

Thus GOD being pure Spirit, the Innermost, the All- pervading, God's Body is the Universe in its totality, the ALL- PERSON or Manifestation of the hidden Deity. And each and every part thereof is a manifestation, and visible expression of Deity, according to its nature and degree. In this sense there is and can be but one All-person, All in all, and through all and around all.

HEAVEN is used for the Pleroma, Fullness of God. 

HADES - The invisible - the place of departed souls, Purgatory.

GEHENNA denotes extinction, everlasting death (not eternal life in death). 

AGE an existence or cycle of indefinite period. 

AGES of ages or Greater Cycles consisting of such lesser cycles.

PERSONIFICATION, is the giving to An inanimate object the attributes of a living rational being; or again, the making of one Individual the representative or type of a whole race, or of a Messenger as a Manifestation of the Supreme. Thus Ioseph and Mary represented a Regenerate Humanity, and Iesu Maria, the Offspring thereof, first of the Sons and Daughters of God as a Unity.

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