The Gospel of the Holy Twelve

by Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ouseley M.A.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, also known as the Gospel of the Nazarenes, is believed by some to be the Gospel described by many commentators of the early Church as the original teachings of the Nazarene called Christ. Others point to several sections that are found, word-for-word, in the King James Version of the Bible, which they say proves it to be a fraud.

In an early twentieth century edition published in London, an "Explanatory Preface" precedes the text. Rev. Ouseley's name does not appear on it, and the Preface is signed,

"The Editors of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve." A similar explanation was published in an earlier English-language version with Rev. Ouseley's name at the bottom.

The Preface, in part, notes:

"Their 'Gospel of the Holy Twelve' was communicated to the Editors, in numerous fragments at different times, by Emmanuel Swedenborg, Anna Kingsford, Edward Maitland, and a priest of the former century, giving his name as Placidus, of the Franciscan Order, afterwards a Carmelite. By them it was translated from the original, and given to the Editors in the flesh,

to be supplemented in their proper places, where indicated, from the 'Four Gospels' (A.V.) revised where necessary by the same.

"To this explanation, the Editors cannot add, nor from it take away. By the Divine Spirit was the Gospel communicated to the four above mentioned, and by them translated, and given to the writers; not in seance rooms (where too often resort the idle, the frivolous and the curious, attracting spirits similar to themselves, rather than the good), but 'in dreams and visions of the night,' and by direct guidance, has God instructed them by chosen instruments; and now they give it to the world, that some may be wiser unto Salvation, while those who reject it, remain in their blindness, until they will to see."

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve is offered here in spite of this controversy. "Inspired writing" comes in a variety of forms from a variety of sources.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve was an inspiration and moral compass for he who labored many years

to create this web site and make it available free of charge to all students of biblical history.               

It is our goal to build on his magnificent creation while leaving in place all the fruits of his labor of love. Pax Amo Lux, Nazannia 11/1/2009.


Special Note
Explanatory Preface
To The Reader

Biography: Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ouseley M.A.
Origins of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve

The Legend of the Lost Gospel

A True Likeness of Our Saviour
Testimony of the Early Christian Church
  The Epistle of Appollos the Prophet 

The Comments of the Editors
Transcribed and Compiled by
Rev. Mark Wilcox, D.D.

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Index of Lections 1 Thru 96

Section 1 Lections 1 Thru 10

(1) The Parentage and Conception of John the Baptist.
(2) The Immaculate Conception of Jesus the Christ.
(3) Nativity of John the Baptist.
(4) Nativity of Jesus the Christ.
(5) Manifestation of Jesus to the Magi
(6) Childhood and Youth of Jesus the Christ. He delivereth a lion from hunters.
(7) The Preaching of John the Baptist.
(8) The Baptism of Jesus-Maria the Christ.
(9) The Four Temptations.
(10) Joseph and Mary make a feast unto Iesus. Andrew and Peter find Jesus.

Section 2 Lection 11 Thru 20

(11) The Anointing by Mary Magdalene.
(12) The Marriage in Cana. The Healing of the Nobleman's Son.
(13) The First Sermon in the Synagogue of Nazareth.
(14) The Calling of Andrew and Peter. The Teaching of Cruelty in Animals. 
(15) The Healing of the Leper and the Palsied. The Deaf man who denied that others could Hear.
(16) Calling of Matthew. Parable of the New Wine in Old Bottles.
(17) Jesus Sendeth Forth the Twelve and their Fellows.
(18) Jesus Sendeth Forth the Two and Seventy.
(19) Jesus Teacheth how to Pray - Error even in Prophets.
(20) The Return of the Two and Seventy.

Section 3 Lections 21 Thru 30

(21) Jesus Rebuketh Cruelty to a Horse. Condemneth the Service of Mammon. 
(22) The Restoration of Iairus' Daughter.
(23) Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.
(24) Jesus Denounces Cruelty. Healeth the Sick.
(25) The Sermon on the Mount (part I)
(26) The Sermon on the Mount (part II)
(27) The Sermon on the Mount (part III)
(28) Jesus Releaseth the Rabbits and Pigeons.
(29) He Feedeth Five Thousand with Six Loaves and Seven Cluster of Grapes.
(30) The Bread of Life and the Living Vine.

Section 4, Lections 31 Thru 40

(31) The Bread of Life and the Living Vine. Jesus Teacheth the Thoughtless Driver.
(32) God the Food and Drink of All.
(33) By the Shedding of Blood of Others Is No Remission of Sins.
(34) Love of Jesus for All Creatures. His Care for a Cat.
(35) The Good Law. The Good Samaritan. Mary and Martha. On Divine Wisdom.
(36) The Woman Taken in Adultery. The Pharisee and the Publican.
(37) The Regeneration of the Soul.
(38) Jesus Condemneth the Ill Treatment of Animals.
(39) The Kingdom of Heaven (Seven Parables)
(40) Jesus Expoundeth the Inner Teaching to the Twelve.

Section 5, Lections 41 Thru 50

(41) Jesus setteth free the Caged Birds. The Bind Man who denied that Others Saw.
(42) Jesus Teaches Concerning Marriage. The Blessing of Children.
(43) Jesus Teaches Concerning the Riches of this World and the Washing of Hands and Unclean Meats.
(44) The Confession of the Twelve. Christ the True Rock.
(45) Seeking for Signs. The Unclean Spirit.
(46) The Transfiguration on the Mount, and the Giving of the Law.
(47) The Spirit Giveth Life. The Rich Man and the Beggar.
(48) Jesus Feedeth One Thousand with Five Melons. Healeth the withered Hand on the Sabbath Day. Rebuketh Hypocrisy.
(49) The True Temple of God.
(50) Christ the Light of the World.

Section 6 Lections 51 Thru 60

(51) The Truth Maketh Free.
(52) The Pre-existence of Christ.
(53) Jesus Healeth the Blind on the Sabbath. Jesus at the Pool of Siloam.
(54) The Examination of the Blind Man - A Living Type of the House of God.
(55) Christ the Good Shepherd.
(56) The Raising of Lazarus from his Sleep in the Tomb.
(57) Concerning Little Children. Forgiveness of Others. Parable of the Fishes.
(58) Divine Love to the Repentant.
(59) Jesus Forewarneth His Disciples. Glad Tidings to Zacchaeus.
(60) Jesus Rebuketh Hypocrisy.

Section 7 Lections 61 Thru 70

(61) Jesus Foretelleth the End.
(62) Parable of the Ten Virgins.
(63) Parable of the Talents.
(64) Jesus Teacheth in the Palm Circle. The Divine Life and Substance.
(65) The Last Anointing by Mary Magdalene. Neglect not the Present time.
(66) Jesus again Teacheth his Disciples concerning the Nature of God. The Kingdom of God. The Two in One.
(67) The Last Entry into Jerusalem. The Sheep and the Goats.
(68) The Householder and the Husbandmen. Order out of Disorder.
(69) The Christ within the Soul. The Resurrection and the Life. Salome's Question.
(70) Jesus Rebuketh Peter's Haste.

Section 8 Lections 71 Thru 80

(71) The Cleansing of the Temple.
(72) The Many Mansions in the One House.
(73) Christ The True Vine.
(74) Jesus Foretelleth Persecutions.
(75) The Last Paschal Supper.
(76) Washing of the Feet, The Eucharistic Oblation.
(77) The Agony in Gethsemane.
(78) The Betrayal.
(79) The Hebrew Trial before Caiaphas.
(80) The Sorrow and Penance of Iudas.

Section 9 Lections 81 Thru 89

(81) The Roman Trial before Pilate.
(82) The Crucifixion.
(83) The Burial of Jesus.
(84) The Resurrection of Jesus.
(85) Jesus appeareth to Two at Emmaus.
(86) Jesus appeareth in the Temple. Blood Sacrifices Cease.
(87) Jesus appeareth to the Twelve.
(88) The Eighth Day after the Resurrection.
(89) Jesus appeareth at the Sea of Galilee.

Section 10 Lections 90 Thru 96

(90) What is Truth?
(91) The Order of the Kingdom (part I.)
(92) The Order of the Kingdom (part II.)
(93) The Order of the Kingdom (part III.)
(94) The Order of the Kingdom (part IV.)
(95) The Ascension of Christ.
(96) The Pouring out of the Spirit. The taking of Mary and Joseph.

Section 1

Section 2 Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

Section 10

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