The Gospel of the Holy Twelve 
Comments of the Editors

Transcribed and Compiled
by Rev. Mark Wilcox D.D.

The Comments of Section 6
Lections 51 Thru 60

LECTION 51. 2. -Many people think that perfect freedom is the power to do wrong as well as right. Such is not Christ's teaching. Freedom is the power to do moral good, nothing else : the other is not freedom, but slavery to the evil nature. This is the teaching of Rosmini and of the Franciscans, and is evidently the teaching of Christ. Other animals than man have the freedom essential to their nature, which, if they are allowed to follow, is a kind of moral good. In a true state of nature, the other animals are found innocent, till corrupted by the cruelty of man. Herbert Vivian (" Land Of the Lion of Judah ") writes :-" On the beaten track I was much impressed by the fearlessness of nearly all the animals I saw. The first time I tried to stalk a herd of antelopes I gave myself a great deal of unnecessary trouble, dissembling behind bushes and reserving my fire lest the first shot should irretrievably disperse my quarry. I found, however, that as a rule directly they became aware of my presence they turned round to look at me and would remain while eight or ten shots whizzed about their ears, not always bolting, even when one of their number had been laid low. Nor did they ever scuttle away very far. They would disappear over the ridge of a hill and wait within rifle range of its summit as if for me to try my luck again. The smaller animals would be more fearless still, and might often have been knocked down with a stone or a stick. There were numbers of pretty little grey and white squirrels with long bushy tails; they would run to pick up a bit of bread when I threw it, and lit up a few yards away from me nibbling it with both hands. One day I thought of shooting a jackal, which was hovering about near my camp, for I had heard that the skin of a Somali jackal is worth having. I took up my gun and strolled out to get an easy shot. My servants, thinking to help me, whistled to it, whereupon it turned round and looked at us as though to see what we wanted. Then I put away my gun, for I had not the heart to shoot. It would have been like killing a house-dog." (See also "Darwin's Voyage on H.M.B. Beagle," where a similar testimony is given). If man deprives his essential knowlege of good, he disarranges in himself all that part of creation that is within him, and becomes lower than the beasts of prey. Return to Lection

LECTION 52. 4. -The testimony of those who saw and knew Jesus as to his age, has been strangely ignored by writers of Biblical history and by the Church in general. This matter is briefly discussed elsewhere in these Notes, and deserves the attention of every student and thoughtful person. (See Notes liv.14-16; xcv.9.)

LECTION 53. 3. -The healing of the blind by means of clay mingled with saliva is mentioned by ancient physicians. Vespasian is said to have cured by this means. This shows that Jesus did not hesitate to employ natural remedies, when they were likely to effect their purpose.

LECTION 54. 1-13. -The wrangling of the Pharisees over this case of healing has its para1lels in our times in the Churches which assign to the devil all that they cannot comprehend, and cut out the Healer as a sinner and a heretic, denying the power of God in Man.

LECTlON 54. 14. -This is one of those "parables and dark sayings" of him who spake as never man spake. The words taken literally suggest to the mind a perfect crystal sphere, and by correspondence, a perfect man or woman- in modern phrase "an all rounder," one who views things not from one side only, but from every side. There are many who keep the law in one or more points, but neglect all the rest; or keep it in all points but the one which is against their own particular failing -who "compound for sins they are inclined to, by damming those they have no mind to." But few are they who teach, and still fewer who practice an all round obedience to the laws of Christ. Many are they who loudly condemn one or more forms of evil, in order that they may more fully indulge in some other, in which is their corrupt taste; or condemn little errors in others that they may escape notice of their own greater breaches of the law of loving kindness to all creatures. (See also Lection lxviii.,18, and lxix., 5.) On which otherwise obscure passages the above remarks may throw a needed light. In these the conditions of the individual are referred to, the one throwing a light on the other. For as with the Church so with each individual composing it, they must progress to this perfection of character -the "measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ." The letters beneath were found on an ancient English stone, cube-shaped, "six squared," in a church in Warwick, with these lines, "I, Thou, He, She, We, Ye, It, They ; All are one in Me "-supposed to be the work of a Rosicrucian Pantheist of old time.

LECTlON 54. 17-20. -The meaning of these words and this action is very obscure, but if we describe the magic square of 7, it seems to make it intelligible as the mystic symbol of him who regarded everything by number and by measure, and which seems to have reference to the period of his mortal life, 49 years, as well as the number of the Council, Cardinals and Priests of the Church universal, 48, presided over by its Head, 49, which the action of Iesus seemed to symbolize, and in a way, foreshadow.

LECTlON 54. 17-20. -Here we have the original words of Christ, from which Paul adopted his simile in Rom. xii., and In 1 Cor. xii.

Sigillum XTI

21 Summations of 175.  Sum total of terms, 225.

This most ancient seal of XT - the High Priest, the At-one-er and At-one-ment of all things, the Lord our Lady Jesu-Maria - is one of the most ancient and sacred symbols of the XN religion, extending back to pre-XN antiquity, and symbolizing the restoration of the primeval order to the universe, bringing order out of confusion. In this most curious and mystical combination of numbers we have 21 summations of 175 (this number cabalistically added being symbolic of XT amid the XII.), viz., 7 rows; 7 columns; 2 diagonals; 1 central cross, which sums 2 ways (5 vertical with 2 transverse numbers, or 5 transverse with 2 vertical) ;3 squares made of the 4 corner numbers of the inner, middle and outer courts with 3 vertical, or 3 transverse central numbers. There are other curious combinations, e.g., the sum of the four corner figures of each of the squares being added give 100. Likewise the extreme end numbers of the central cross, while the complementary pairs, wherever found, being added, sum 50. Regarding the symbolism, each number denotes some place or office in the council of the Church, whose symbol is 120, under her head or his vicar. 49 symbolizes the number of the priesthood of the Universal Church under his head, and 25 that of the Local Church under his head, while 1 represents the Unity underlying all. It will be noted that 49 symbolizes also the number of years in life XT by the testimony of His contemporaries, the Jews, and S. Irenaeus, B.M., A.D. 189, who received it from the surviving apostles and disciples of the Lord. His ministry having lasted 18 years from the date of His baptism, when He was manifested as the XT, the beloved son of God.


LECTlON 55. 1.-This beautiful parable bas been sadly mangled in the A.V., and shorn of the opening incident which led to the discourse.

LECTlON 56. -This touching account of the raising of Lazarus is here given as it took place. The verses 13-16 in the Authorized Version are an evident interpolation to magnify the occasion, for, being omitted, the narrative is unbroken and complete without them. As with the daughter of Lazarus, so with Lazarus, he was carried to his burial in a state of trance, indistinguishable from death, and by his friends believed to be dead. At the present time in countries where there are mortuaries or waiting rooms for the dead, it is found that five per thousand recover on their way to burial who otherwise would have been buried alive.

LECTlON 57. 4. -The doctrine of guardian angels receives full support from these words. But the Churches of the so-called Reformation have flung away this consoling and helpful belief, with other doctrines of the Christian Church in all ages, the truth of which science and occultism are now showing.

LECTlON 58. 2. -The charity and comprehensiveness of the true doctrine of Jesus here manifests themselves. It is not a mere narrow creed or belief, but true repentance which merits the forgiveness of God.

LECTlON 59. 1l-12. -The teaching of our Lord as to cycles, and the unity of life, in many existences, has been suppressed for long ages, but now sees the light, at the end of the cycle.

LECTlON 60. 16. -The same Zaccharias who is mentioned in the beginning as the father of John the Baptist (see Note 111-2), also the Proto Evangelism attributed to James, the Bishop of Jerusalem.

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